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About Dr. Stephen K. Chock

Stephen Chock, Ph.D. is a neuropsychologist with over 35 years experience in counseling and assessment of neurologic and personal functioning. He practiced rehabilitation neuropsychology at Baylor-Dallas's Traumatic Brain Injury unit for over 17 years. He has taught and supervised counselors-in-training at the Minirth-Meier Clinic and Dallas Theological Seminary since 1989. As a Medicare and Health & Behavior provider, he also consults at churches, universities, and nursing & rehabilitation facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Dr. Chock's practice includes:
 Neurocognitive assessment and intervention
        - Concussion and other brain- and sports-related injuries
        - Learning difference / style testing: Grades 3 and above
        - Psychoeducational planning for:
                - Study skill and return-to-coursework accommodations
                - Classroom and neurobehavioral modifications
                - Senior adult capacity and driving-related abilities
        - Psychological, intellectual, and learning disability testing

 Counseling / psychological therapy
        - Individuals, 8 years and older
        - Family / couples therapy
        - Parent / caregiver consultation
        - Post-traumatic and caregiver stress disorder

Please click here for Dr. Chock's curriculum vitae