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Forensic Services

Dr. Graham has specialized training in psychological assessment including personal injury evaluations, custody evaluations, childhood/adult trauma evaluations, disability evaluations, and competency to stand trial evaluations.

A teaching appointment in the Clinical Psychology Department under the Psychiatry Division at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center combined with frequent media and public speaking engagements greatly enhance Dr. Graham's credibility and effectiveness on a witness stand.

Dr. Graham's assets as an expert witness:

  • Expertise in clinical psychology

  • Knowledge of the legal system

  • Professional relationships with attorneys while maintaining high ethical standards

  • Professional and personable manner in the courtroom

  • Calm and thoughtful responses under cross-examination

  • Unique understanding of Asian culture and four Chinese languages (in addition to being fluent in English)

  • Specialized in psychological assessments and evaluations

Psychological Evaluations Dr. Graham Provides:

  • Custody Evaluations

  • Personal Injury Evaluations

  • Childhood Trauma Evaluations

  • Other Psychological Evaluations and Assessments (Emotional, Mental, Intellectual, and Neuropsychological Functioning)

  • Assessment of Psychopathy, domestic violence and Sexual Offenders

  • Anger Management